Sian Brooke in Body of Water (2020)

Over the past three years we’ve published a series of articles called Diary of a First-Time Filmmaker, in which emerging British writer/director Lucy Brydon’s details the making of her debut feature, Body of Water (formerly Sick(er)). It’s been fascinating to follow Brydon’s journey, especially as she talks openly and with great humour about the daunting but ultimately rewarding process of development, from drafting the script to casting, shooting and post-production.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the official trailer for the film, which arrives on 16 October. A co-production between Film London, BFI, BBC Films, Lions Den Films Bright Shadow Films and Boudica Films, Body of Water tells the story of a renowned war photographer named Stephanie (Sian Brooke) who attempts to reconnect with her family following a long battle with chronic anorexia.

Judging from this teaser, it looks to be a sensitive and moving study of how eating disorders affect not just the individual but also the people around them. We can’t wait to see it, and to find out what Brydon has planned next.

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