Warp Pipe

The Idea So a friend of mine printed me a pencil pot idea I had. And I am sure you can guess from the pictures what it is. A 3D printed Mario Warp Pipe!! Customizing Once I had the printed model, I cleaned up any waste resin the printed hadContinue Reading


Watcha Got?! So E3 2019 has been and gone. And as the smoke clears on this year’s show, I look at some of the biggest games from this years show. Every major publisher/manufacture delivered a pretty solid bunch of games at this years super games event. I think people wereContinue Reading


DLC (Downloadable Content) has ruined Gaming, here’s why… Depending on your age, DLC in gaming is either the “norm” or the worst thing ever! For me, I’m old (32) so DLC is the worst thing ever! The Old Days When I was young (proper old person thing to say butContinue Reading


When i roll back the mists of time and think about my early gaming experiences i think back to the first computer my parents had. The Commodore Vic 20. The Commodore Vic 20 for its time was an amazing piece of kit. You could play cartridges on it, load gamesContinue Reading


Best Console Ever too? The Nintendo 64 was the most amazing console when it hit the shelves in 1996! It brought a completely new element to main stream video gaming, the main element being 3D gaming! Gaming wasn’t 2D anymore! And it would never be 2D again!! Thanks to theContinue Reading


As many of you may or may not know, when the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) released worldwide back in the 1990’s, everyone loved it! Gamers had never seen such console power! And it became an instant success for Nintendo. The 16-bit system offered hundreds, if not thousands of gamesContinue Reading