Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods Modeled After Joker, Undead Nightmare Incoming

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally come to PC, and thanks to some advance work mods are already starting to make the game very different. The selections on Nexus Mods so far range from ghastly horses to new guns to movie references and more.

The Red Dead Modders group has uploaded some proof-of-concepts already, but feedback suggests they aren’t usable in the game yet. Some highlights include character models that make Arthur Morgan look like the Joker or a Terminator, horse and Arthur mods modeled after the classic RDR expansion Undead Nightmare, and a “photorealistic reshade” option for even prettier visual fidelity.

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The PC version is also being hit with startup crashes for some users, though players have already found some possible solutions.

If you’re jumping into the old west for the first time now that RDR 2 is on PC, be sure to check out some essential tips and how to earn money. Plus you may want to refresh yourself on the story from the first Red Dead before you get started.

For the time being, Red Dead Redemption 2 is available through a variety of digital storefronts including Rockstar’s own game launcher, but not Steam. That version will follow in December. It’s also planned as a launch title on Google Stadia, which will be out later this month. GameSpot’s review for the console version last year awarded it a 9/10, praising its storytelling and world-building.

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