A new policy change for the Nintendo Switch Eshop means that players now have the option of cancelling pre-orders. As Vooks points out, the previous rule was that Eshop pre-orders would be charged right away, and there was no way to recover those funds if you changed your mind. Now, pre-orders do not charge until shortly before release.

An update to the Nintendo support page details the change, linking to a guide on how to cancel pre-orders. This can be done through your browser or the Switch itself, and can be done up until the game is available for preload–typically seven days before the game is released.

This seems to be a change made internationally, affecting the Eshop in every country.

When pre-ordering a game, you’ll be told the planned preload date, on which you’ll be charged.

As Vooks points out, your pre-orders will also be cancelled if you change the region of the account you pre-ordered through before the game’s release. Existing pre-orders also will not be refunded, so this is the plan going forward, but not retroactively.

The next major title from Nintendo for Switch is Pikmin 3 Deluxe. You can pre-order it now.