Today is a day I’ve been excited about for months and months. My brand new online shop is OPEN! Hurrah!

I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a product line for years. In fact, my first ever foray into craft was selling handmade bow ties (that was even before I’d launched my blog). And it’s taken months of work to get to this stage, from sketching and refining ideas through to sourcing packaging. So I’m feeling a mix of excitement and relief at finally having my products live and ready to buy.

It feels very strange to be selling things, after years of sharing my content with you for free. So I really hope you like what I’ve been working on! 

What’s in the ?

The driving mission behind my business has always been to empower more people to make more things. I want to encourage more people into the world of crafts, through easily accessible ideas and inspiration. So it makes sense that my new shop is an extension of this.

In my shop, you’ll find a collection of minimal, contemporary gifts for crafters. From zip bags to store your supplies, to work-in-progress pouches to keep your projects safe. There’s also original art prints to decorate your craft space, alongside iron-on decals to help show off your love of making things.

I’ll be sharing more about the shop, the products and the process behind the launch in the coming weeks. But for now, please do click through and have a look around! I hope you see something you (or someone you know) will love.

Click here to visit the shop.

Note: there’s limited stock of each item, while I get a feel for demand. So if you see something you like, be quick before it sells out!

Enjoy! – Mike.

P.S. Please me know what you think in the comments below. I’d really appreciate the feedback!

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