My adventures continue! Now I’ve mastered both the me-made shirt and how to sew a T-shirt, I’ve turned my attention to leg-wear.

Elbe Textiles Trigg shorts sewing pattern review

I’ve been looking for a good men’s shorts pattern for a few weeks, and a friend of mine recommended the Trigg shorts by Elbe Textiles. It’s a drawstring design, so easy to adapt into both formal shorts, casual loungewear, or even pyjamas. And of course, it’s simple enough to extend the leg length to make trousers.

My main takeout from making these shorts was how quickly and easily they come together! It took just a few hours to cut the pattern, assemble the shorts and finish off the seams. It was quite a refreshing change after the much more complex sewing I’ve been doing recently (I’ve been making shirts, and a quilt).

I used a lovely linen fabric in a deep teal/navy colour, so the shorts have a nice lightweight, summery feel. I’ve actually had this linen in my stash for years. It was the fabric I bought back when I tried – and failed – to sew a shirt for the first time (read about that here). So it’s cool that it’s come full circle, and has been transformed into a wearable garment at last!

I also added a patterned pocket lining from a few small cotton offcuts I had – the flower pattern and colour match was too perfect not to! 🙂

Elbe Textiles Trigg shorts sewing pattern review
Elbe Textiles Trigg shorts sewing pattern review

Of course, there were a few lessons learnt in trying this pattern for the first time…

First up, the pattern seems to assume you’re using an overlocker – which I wasn’t. So I ended up flat-felling all of the seams to finish them, as that gives a softer finish than a zig-zag stitch. This worked great for the crotch and side seams… but not so well for where I joined the waistband to the legs. Next time, I’ll add a little extra seam allowance and use a French seam for this section.

Talking about the waistband – mine is a little baggy/loose. It’s not a problem, as the drawstring holds the shorts up no problem. But I’ll be sure to reduce the waistband by approx 2cm next time.

The length of the legs is great, especially for a lightweight summery pair of shorts. But if I use this pattern for some loungewear shorts (which I definitely plan to), then I’ll probably lengthen the legs by 2-3cm. Although I did need to taper the bottom of the legs slightly, to make them a little slimmer and more fitted.

Other than these slight tweaks, the pattern was ideal and the shorts have come out really well! I’ve worn them almost every day since I made them last week – trying to get the most out of them, before the cold British weather returns! 😉

Until next time – Mike.

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