Madden NFL 21 Will Have Player Stats Updated In Real-Time On PS5 And Xbox Series X

EA’s Chief Studios boss Laura Miele has shared some new insight on the company’s first next-generation games, one of which is EA Sports’ Madden NFL 21. Miele said the game will not only look better and load faster thanks to the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it will also contain some under-the-hood improvements to make the game more authentic to the NFL experience.

She told that Madden NFL 21 will make use of “next-gen stats” that will seemingly include updated player stats in real time. Here’s how she described the feature: “In Madden we will be using the NFL’s next gen stats so every athlete in the game will play how they do in real life, with the data being updated in real-time.”

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Player ratings are a huge part of the Madden series–it’s always a big deal each year when the ratings are revealed and players react to them. Changes are made regularly in previous games, based on real-world performance, but it sounds like Madden NFL 21 will take things even further by updating them in “real time.”

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