Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 9 Side-Quests Walkthrough

Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the biggest highlights of the game, and part of it is because of all the fun side-quests you get to do. Below you can find a detailed walkthrough of each Chapter 9 side-quest and the rewards you get for completing them.

Chapter 9 Side-Quests Walkthrough

Burning Thighs

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It’s squat time. Head to the gym on the south side of Wall Market, near the weapon shop, to engage in a squat minigame. It’s pretty straightforward, and you only need to beat the first competitor to complete the quest for three mega-potions. If you stick around and challenge the other two, you can earn a Luck Up materia and a Champion Belt accessory (plus the “Sultan of Squat” Trophy).

Important Branching Pathway

Chapter 9 includes a branching pathway between two sets of side-quests that are only accessible based on the decision you make when you first meet Madam M. The choice revolves around the massage course you want to spend money on, in which she offers three options: the Luxury Course (3,000 gil), the Standard Course (1,000 gil), and the Poor Man’s Course (100 gil).

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