Epic ’ lawsuit with Apple is ongoing, with Apple recently terminating Epic’s developer account on the App Store as they fight over profit cuts and Epic’s decision to use an alternative payment system in Fortnite. While the case moves through the legal system, Epic is trying to get public opinion on its side with the “Free Fortnite” campaign, and it’s now even letting you make your own gear–and even sell it–to show where you stand.

Via an asset pack available on the Unreal Engine site, you can design and sell shirts, stickers, and other merchandise with Epic Games’ Free Fortnite logo. The logo is a parody of one of Apple’s older designs, and in Epic Games’ post on the subject, it appeared to put one of the stickers on a Macbook.

Epic filed a restraining order against Apple to temporarily allow it to continue using Apple’s development tools for the Unreal Engine, and this was granted by a judge while its lawsuit is ongoing. However, its request to temporarily reinstate Fortnite on the App Store was not granted, and the game is still unavailable to download on iOS devices as Apple owns the only authorized digital store. It’s also unavailable to download through Google Play on Android phones, but there are other storefronts on Android that offer the game.

Fortnite just began its Season 4 content, which you cannot play on iOS. If the game isn’t installed on your phone already, you also cannot re-download it. For now, you’ll have to use another system or console in order to get your battle royale fix.