Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods Review

Da 5 Bloods, Spike Lee’s epic and introspective meditation on the Vietnam war, is another reminder of the filmmaker’s considerable storytelling skills irrespective of what genre he chooses to work in. Bolstered by an absolutely mesmerizing central performance from Delroy Lindo, the film is a raw and rewarding deep diveRead More →

Artemis Fowl Review

During this unprecedented year when we find ourselves at home with more time to stream than we’ve ever had before, Disney’s decision to forego the theatrical debut of its latest big-budget offering in favor of a Disney+ release seemed like the opportune thing to do. Sadly, Artemis Fowl is notRead More →

Citizens of the World

The films of late-blooming Italian writer-director-actor Gianni de Gregorio are a little like sitting out on a sunny European piazza, the breeze blowing across your cheek while you slowly nurse a glass of cool Chablis. His films are gentle to a fault, and boast a quality that is rare inRead More →

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee’s follow up to his Oscar-winning BlacKkKlansman arrives on Netflix with almost prophetic relevancy for the civil rights uprising that is currently engulfing America and other parts of the world. Da 5 Bloods is the epic yet personal tale of four veterans who return to Vietnam to reclaim theirRead More →

Why Spike Lee’s She Hate Me deserves a second look

“How much do you think Michael Jordan would get for his sperm?” So begins the pointed political and satirical journey of Spike Lee’s She Hate Me. Released in 2004, the film follows John Henry Armstrong (Anthony Mackie), a corporate whistleblower who finds out that the pharmaceutical company he works forRead More →

The King of Staten Island

When Pete Davidson joined Saturday Night Live in 2014, he became one of the show’s youngest ever cast members. Given that the iconic American sketch show launched the careers of Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell (and many more besides) many were quick to herald the then-20-year-old Davidson asRead More →

The King of Staten Island Review

It’s time for the world to get to know Pete Davidson. For years on Saturday Night Live, he’s been the goofball stoner. Across tabloids, he’s been a playboy, romancing numerous starlets. In interviews and his stand-up, he’s been frank about his personal life, talking about sex, drug use, and hisRead More →

Watch: Ocean’s 11 vs Ocean’s Eleven

Video essayist Leigh Singer continues his Remake/Remodel series with a breakdown of ’60s heist flick Ocean’s 11 and director Steven Soderbergh’s ven glossier Hollywood remake from 2001. Is the irresistible star power of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and co a fair match for the original kings of screen cool: FrankRead More →