Everything on HBO Max in October

It is going to be a very musical month on HBO Max. The streaming service has the premiere of the film version of American Utopia, David Byrne’s acclaimed Broadway show. HBO’s version was directed by Spike Lee. Plus, HBO Max will also get the movie version of Cats, and really there’s no moreRead More →

The 15 Worst Animated Movies Ever

Over the past three decades, we’ve seen a renaissance in both traditional and CGI animation. While we’ve gotten some incredible animated films, there have also been some total duds. Hey, they can’t all be Toy Story. The best animated movies can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. The worstRead More →

‘Elf’s Famous Breakfast Is Getting Its Own Cereal

It’s impossible to think about Elf and not mention its famous breakfast scene. Will Ferrell’s Buddy is a human who thinks he’s an elf, and he’s got an unquenchable thirst for sugar. So he makes himself a breakfast that consists of noodles, assorted candies, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and crushed up chocolate Pop-Tarts,Read More →

The Banks Family Returns In ‘Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)’

Nancy Meyers is bringing Father of the Bride back for a new mini-sequel, Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish). It’s been 25 years since we’ve seen the cast on screen together in Father of the Bride Part II. The online special, written and directed by Meyers, will air on Netflix’s YouTube and Facebook channels tomorrow evening. CheckRead More →

‘On the Rocks’ Review: Sofia Coppola’s Marriage Story

Felix, Bill Murray’s character in On the Rocks, is the man Phil Connors aspired to be at the start of Groundhog Day. He’s enormously wealthy, with a personal driver ready to take him anywhere at a moment’s notice. He’s a cultured art dealer who never seems to need to work. He’s a grandfather, probably in hisRead More →