Bad Education

In 2004, a huge scandal rocked a small, well-to-do school district in the Long Island area of New York. Beloved superintendent Dr Francis ‘Frank’ Tassone was arrested on embezzlement charges, and was eventually convicted for stealing $2.2 million from the public school system he was trusted with overseeing. The moneyContinue Reading

The Old Guard

With the likes of Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 on ice due to the impact of COVID-19 on cinemas, streaming has experienced a bumper few months, with many distributors weighing up the pros and cons of releasing their 2020 slate on demand rather than gambling on the public beingContinue Reading


Time stops, or takes on a new form, when someone we love is suffering from an illness which may very well remove them, physically, from our lives. Simple domestic decisions suddenly become gargantuan enigmas of how to keep everyone (and yourself) happy – should I be continuing with my life,Continue Reading

The Case for Art

Since the pandemic began I’ve had plenty of time to soul-search about the role of the arts during a crisis. The value of most industries seems to pale in comparison with the life-saving work carried out by frontline workers in the NHS, yet on an individual level we’ve never beenContinue Reading

Sundance London will go virtual to continue in 2020

While the people of Earth await a vaccine or other lasting solution to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we’ve been left with no choice but to contrive novel methods by which we might continue onward with the things that made life worth living back in the before-times. Sundance London, the offshootContinue Reading

LWLies 85: Food & Film Special – On Sale Now!

Producing an issue of Little White Lies under lockdown conditions has been a challenging and exciting task, a little like completing a Rubix cube against the clock while blindfolded and whistling ‘Frère Jacques’ on a loop. Okay, maybe not that tough. With cinemas closed, release schedules obliterated, the film industryContinue Reading

Finding the Way Back

It’s been a rough few years for Ben Affleck. After his brilliant turn as sneaky husband Nick Dunne in David Fincher’s Gone Girl, he should have been riding high on a sea of critical acclaim, but instead the past six years have brought only miserable box office bombs, damning evidenceContinue Reading