Vivarium Review

Vivarium is currently available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu. Feeling trapped, claustrophobic, frustrated and/or confused as you ride out the coronavirus in the confines of your own home? Well, the plight of Gemma and Tom, the young couple under the microscope in the new sci-fi drama Vivarium,Continue Reading

Netflix's Coffee & Kareem Review

Despite having a title that sounds like a fake Tracy Jordan 30 Rock movie, Coffee & Kareem — which pairs Ed Helms’ straight-laced cop with a foul-mouth 12-year-old — is a solid, raunchy action-comedy that serves as perfect tight 90-minute escapism.Director Michael Dowse brings a lot of the faced-paced witContinue Reading

The Jesus Rolls Review

Actor John Turturro, who’s wanted to make a spinoff movie about his flamboyant bowling ball-licking cameo character from The Big Lebowski for almost two decades, finally got the Coen Brothers’ permission about five years ago. The result is an uneven blending of the suave, arrogant Jesus Quintana and the 1974Continue Reading

At first glance, Bloodshot seems a very on-brand Vin Diesel movie. It kicks off with an action sequence that has the hulking leading man barreling into a dangerous scenario, successfully kicking butt without breaking a sweat. Then, we follow him to an exotic location, where he strips down to hisContinue Reading

The Hunt Review

A satire about these extremely politically divided times that we live in — Red State vs. Blue State was reportedly the title of an early version of the screenplay, actually — Universal’s The Hunt is now finally here, almost six months after it was originally scheduled to be released. AsContinue Reading

The Simpsons: 'Playdate with Destiny' Review

Before launching into a review of “Playdate with Destiny,” the latest Simpsons short, now playing in theaters ahead of Pixar’s Onward, it might do us all a service to remind ourselves of where The Simpsons may currently stand in the pop consciousness. So the reader may forgive me a fewContinue Reading

Spenser Confidential Review

Mark Wahlberg goes home to the streets of Boston in Spenser Confidential, a Netflix Original Movie inspired by the late Robert B. Parker’s literary private eye and the 1980s TV series Spenser: For Hire. It’s a competently made vehicle for Wahlberg to once again play a Boston tough guy butContinue Reading

The Way Back Review

With The Way Back, director Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, Miracle) has prepared a very familiar and very comforting, audience-pleasing stew. Sports movies have long been, throughout the broad history of the genre, reliable comfort food that can reasonably be applauded for cleaving to traditional, predictable story beats; daring originality is welcomeContinue Reading

Wendy Review

Peter Pan has long been shaping how people tell stories about childhood and growing up. It’s been adapted multiple times and retold even more. The latest creator to take on this task is the Academy Award-nominated Benh Zeitlin who was last seen and heard of in 2012 with his criticallyContinue Reading