Warp Pipe

The Idea So a friend of mine printed me a pencil pot idea I had. And I am sure you can guess from the pictures what it is. A 3D printed Mario Warp Pipe!! Customizing Once I had the printed model, I cleaned up any waste resin the printed hadContinue Reading

3D pokemon

3D printing is fast becoming a major hobby with geeks and tech heads from all around the globe. And it is easy to see why! It’s fun, its affordable and most of all you can make/print anything you want! Literally, ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless! And 3D printers now onlyContinue Reading


These Tetris Cube shelves were created by myself (Owner of ManCaveBits.com) and they have gained quite a lot of attention online. They were made with LED strip lighting, some fancy wiring and a 12 volt plug. The effect looks amazing though! If your looking to put lighting on or intoContinue Reading