Xbox Game Pass is a critical component of Microsoft’s next-generation strategy around the world, and this includes South Korea where Samsung has released a new advertisement for the service featuring the world’s most popular boy band, BTS.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad posted an ad that is currently airing in South Korea. The spot is meant to promote Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 phone, and it also features members of BTS using Xbox Game Pass on the phone.

In August, Microsoft announced a sweeping partnership with Samsung to promote Xbox Game Pass. Those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 20 could choose the Gaming Bundle that comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a Power A controller.

It is a very big week for Xbox Game Pass and the streaming service xCloud. After months of testing, Microsoft will launch xCloud in 22 markets around the world on September 15.

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And if you’re looking for more BTS in your life, the band is releasing their own video game very soon.