Amazon Black Friday 2019 Gaming Deals (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Update: While Black Friday 2019 has ended at Amazon, the site’s Cyber Monday deals are just getting started. Check out all the best gaming offers, including PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch deals, in our complete Amazon Cyber Monday 2019 guide.

Black Friday 2019 is in full swing at Amazon, which has been offering online deals as part of its holiday sale for the past few weeks. Amazon’s Black Friday offerings have really ramped up in the past 48 hours, but apparently they won’t be around for much longer, as a new countdown clock on the site seems to indicate Amazon’s Black Friday sale will be over around midnight PT / 3 AM ET tonight. That said, we fully expect another round of deals to go live this weekend and certainly Monday as Amazon launches its Cyber Monday sale.

While the gaming deals at Amazon are starting to look a little sparse, there are still good discounts to be had on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games as well as PSVR, Switch Joy-Cons, and controllers. As usual, Amazon’s sale includes a mix of Lightning Deals–which are only available for a limited time–and longer-term deals that should be available for the duration of the sale or while supplies last.

Unsurprisingly, some of the best deals have sold out already at Amazon, like the PS4 Slim bundle with God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, and The Last of US Remastered as well the PSVR mega pack that came with five great games. However, you can still find a lot of good game discounts like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $38, Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Switch for $25, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for $25.

Read on for more of the best Black Friday 2019 deals for gaming at Amazon right now.

Best Black Friday 2019 Amazon gaming deals

Live Now: Amazon’s Black Friday week of deals

We’ve highlighted some of the best games on sale already at Amazon below, but you can find even more game discounts at Amazon as part of the Black Friday countdown.

Best games on sale now:

Nintendo Switch:


Xbox One:

Console bundles and accessories on sale now:

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Gray or Neon Red/Blue) | $60

Available now

Nintendo’s pricey Joy-Con controllers will be down to $60 on Black Friday at many retailers, but if Amazon’s press release is correct, each pair of Joy-Cons will be available for $53.60, a full 33% off rather than 25%. It appears that only the original gray or neon red and blue Joy-Cons will be eligible for this awesome deal. Nevertheless, if you’re gifting a Switch this holiday or want to have some multiplayer fun at your holiday party, you shouldn’t pass up this deal.

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PlayStation VR with Blood & Truth, Everybody’s Golf VR, and motion controllers | $250 ($350)

Available now

Alternatively, you can pick up this two-game PSVR bundle for Black Friday, which includes Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR. While more expensive than the mega pack, this bundle includes two PlayStation Move motion controllers, which can cost as much as $100 a pair.

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition | $149 ($250)

Available now

If you primarily want to buy games digitally, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition may be the way to go, especially at its lowest price ever, $149. Please note this console doesn’t come with a disc drive, so there’s no option to play physical discs like games or Blu-rays. The bundle comes with three games as well: Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite with bonus content.

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Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | $98 ($170)

Available now

This mechanical gaming keyboard from Razer includes an ergonomic wrist rest for long play sessions, customizable inputs, options for clicky or silent buttons, and more. It’s $98 as a Deal of the Day for Black Friday.

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Xbox One wireless controllers | $39 each

Available now

As part of Microsoft’s official Black Friday deals, Xbox One wireless controllers are down to $39 each, and you can find them on sale at Amazon right now. That includes standard colors like black, white, and red as well as some of the special editions, like the Night Ops Camo controller and the Phantom White controller. The Kait Diaz special-edition controller is also included but was sold out last time we checked–it may come back into stock later this week.

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PlayStation Plus 12-month membership | $45 ($60)

Available now

PS Plus gets PS4 owners access to online multiplayer, free monthly games, and exclusive game discounts. Normally sold for $60, a 12-month membership is available for $45 during Black Friday week at multiple retailers, including Amazon.

Amazon smart devices on sale now:

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet – $50

Fire HD 8 | $50 ($80)

Available now

Don’t expect a tablet with the power of an iPad, but if you want something to read e-books, watch Netflix, or any other media-based thing, then the Fire HD 8 can handle it. It’s equipped with 1.5 GB of RAM and comes in 16 GB and 32 GB storage options.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet – $80

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition | $80 ($130)

Available now

The Kids Edition of the Fire HD 8 bundles the tablet with a kid-proof case and a year’s subscription to Free Time Unlimited, which gives its users access to more than a thousand books, movies, TV shows, apps, and games suitable for children.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet – $30

Fire 7 Tablet | $30 ($50)

Available now

The Fire 7 tablet is Amazon’s seven-inch tablet, both cheaper and less powerful than the Fire HD 8. It’s equipped with 1 GB of RAM and comes in 16 GB and 32 GB storage options.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet – $60

Fire 7 Kids Edition | $60 ($100)

Available now

Like the Fire 8 Kids Edition, this bundle includes the Fire 7 tablet, a protective case, and a 12-month subscription to Free Time Unlimited. The subscription gives your kid unlimited access to a ton of child-friendly books, movies, shows, apps, and games.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet – $100

Fire HD 10 Tablet | $100 ($150)

Available now

The Fire HD 10 tablet is Amazon’s ten-inch–and most powerful–tablet. It’s equipped with a 1080p screen and 2GB RAM. It comes in 32 GB and 64 GB storage options but also features upgradeable storage via microSD.

Kindle Paperwhite – $85

Kindle Paperwhite | $85 ($130)

Available now

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s most popular e-reader, with a screen that looks more similar to paper than a tablet. It has weeks of battery life and comes in 8 GB and 32 GB storage options.

Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $190

Echo Show 5 + Ring Video Doorbell Pro | $180 ($240)

Available now

This bundle packages the Echo Show 5 with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. The Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s compact smart display, similar in size to an alarm clock but with features like video calling, music and video playback, and Alexa voice control. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, on the other hand, is a camera-equipped doorbell that you can put on the front of your house. It gives you video access to your front door with motion alerts sent directly to your phone, tablet, or PC. You can pick up the bundled pair for $190 now.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote – $25

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote | $25 ($50)

Available now

Starting November 24, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K will be available for $25. It gives you access to a bunch of apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, all streamable in 4K. The Alexa Voice Remote lets you control your media with your voice.

Amazon TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote – $20

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | $20 ($40)

Available now

On November 24, you’ll also be able to pick up the regular Fire TV Stick for $20. This gives you the same access to all of your favorite apps but in 1080p instead of 4K. It also comes with an Alexa Voice Remote, so you’ll be able to speak to your Fire TV Stick without fumbling with the buttons.

Amazon Fire TV Cube – $90

Fire TV Cube | $90 ($120)

Available now

The Fire TV Cube gives you everything the Fire TV Stick 4K does, in addition to complete smart home control, Alexa voice assistant, and a built-in speaker. Starting November 24, you’ll be able to grab it for $90.

Blink XT2 3-Camera Kit – $185

Blink XT2 3 Camera Kit | $185 ($250)

Available now

Starting November 27, you’ll be able to pick up Amazon’s three-pack security camera pack for $185. With its cloud storage, these cameras can store hundreds of clips for up to a year. The cameras also feature two-way audio and two years of battery life.

Ring Indoor Cam 2-Pack – $100

Ring Indoor Cam 2 Pack | $100 ($140)

Upcoming deal

The Ring Indoor Cam pack comes with two cameras for the interior of your house. Starting November 27 for $100, you can equip your home with two Ring Indoor cameras that feature two-way audio, motion alerts, and Alexa support.

Amazon Smart Plug – $5 with the purchase of Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio

Amazon Smart Plug | $5 with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio

Available now

For $5, you can pair an Amazon Smart Plug with the purchase of an Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio. The Amazon Smart Plug gives you the ability to control whatever you plug into it with Alexa smart home control. This deal starts on November 27.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock – $35

Echo Dot with clock | $35 ($60)

Available now

The Echo Dot with clock is Amazon’s compact Alexa speaker that comes with a clock, so you don’t have to ask for the time whenever you need it. Starting November 28, you can pick it up for $35.

Echo Dot – $22

Echo Dot | $22 ($50)

Available now

The Echo Dot without the clock comes with all the Alexa features you need in a compact form factor. Ask for music, the news, weather, traffic, and more, thanks to the thousands of skills you can have your Echo Dot learn.

Amazon Echo Auto – $30

Echo Auto | $30 ($50)

Available now

Amazon’s Echo Auto puts an Alexa speaker into your car. Even more compact than the Echo Dot, equip your vehicle with all of the Alexa skills and features you can enjoy at home. The auto smart speaker goes for $30 on November 28.

Amazon Echo (Gen 3) – $60

Echo (Gen 3) | $60 ($100)

Available now

The Echo is a slightly-less compact speaker with better speakers, so if you’re looking to use it more seriously as a music player, this could be a good choice for you. On November 28, its price goes down to $60.

Amazon Echo Show 5 – $50

Echo Show 5 | $50 ($90)

Available now

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s compact smart display that works as an alarm clock, video caller, music and video player, and much more. It goes on sale for $50 on November 28.

Amazon Echo Show – $150

Echo Show | $150 ($230)

Available now

The Echo Show is Amazon’s smart display with a bigger screen and better sound. The screen comes in at 10-inches with speakers that feature Dolby processing. You can pick one up for $150 starting November 28.

Sold-out gaming deals (may be restocked later):

PS4 Slim 1TB bundle with God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us Remastered – $200

PS4 Slim (1TB) with God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, and The Last of Us Remastered | $200

Sold out

Another official PlayStation offer, the PS4 Slim holiday bundle is a great way to get your hands on some of the system’s best games. The 1TB console will $200 and comes bundled with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, and God of War. It’s available now at Amazon and other retailers.

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – $300

PS4 Pro (1TB) with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | $300 ($400)

Sold out

We first spotted this excellent PS4 Pro bundle at Walmart, and now Amazon seems to be price-matching the offer. This is a nice discount on its own, but with a free copy of the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare included, this PS4 Pro bundle is a great opportunity to get the more powerful console at its lowest price.

PSVR Mega Pack bundle – $200

PlayStation VR Mega Pack with five games | $200 ($300)

Sold out

It’ll be hard to find a better deal on PSVR than this mega pack, which includes the headset, PlayStation Camera, and five great games: PlayStation VR Worlds, Skyrim VR, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Resident Evil 7, and Everybody’s Golf VR.

Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe – $349

Xbox One bundles with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition

Sold out

  • Xbox One X – $349
  • Xbox One S – $200

Microsoft is offering a wide range of steeply discounted Xbox One bundles for Black Friday, and we imagine they’ll make their way under a lot of Christmas trees this holiday season. You’ll find Xbox One X bundles for $349 and the corresponding Xbox One S bundles for $200 each. One of the best options is this Xbox bundle with the brand new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition, available for both Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Gears 5 limited-edition Xbox One X console – $349

Xbox One X (1TB) limited-edition bundle with Gears 5 | $349 ($500)

Sold out

Gears 5 is included with Xbox Game Pass, but if you’re not a subscriber or just want to own the game for yourself, there’s a pretty sweet limited-edition Xbox One X with matching controller available for $349. This particular bundle not only includes Gears 5, but also Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Gears of War 2, 3, and 4, making it the perfect gift for fans of the franchise.

The standard black Xbox One X bundle with Gears 5 is also available for $349 along with the white Xbox One S bundle for $200.

Xbox One X bundle with NBA 2K20 – 349

Xbox One bundles with NBA 2K20

Sold out

  • Xbox One X – $349
  • Xbox One S – $200

Released just a few months ago, NBA 2K20 is also bundled with the Xbox One X or Xbox One S for their Black Friday discounts.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition gaming headset – $55

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Surround Sound Gaming Headset | $54 ($100)

Sold out

Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headset features 7.1 surround sound and allows you to configure volume, bass, and game/chat balance. It’s a full 45% off for Black Friday–not bad.

Sega Genesis Mini – $50

Sega Genesis Mini | $45 ($80)

Sold out

For those who have held off on getting the Sega Genesis Mini so far, this might be a great time to snag it for yourself (or someone on your shopping list this Christmas). The mini console comes with 42 classic games pre-installed; it also includes two classic three-button controllers, a USB-to-Micro-B power cable, and an HDMI cable. You can check out our Sega Genesis Mini review for more info.

More Black Friday 2019 Deals

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