3D pokemon

is fast becoming a major hobby with geeks and heads from all around the globe.

And it is easy to see why!

It’s fun, its and most of all you can make/print anything you want! Literally, ANYTHING!

The possibilities are ! And 3D printers now only costing as little as Β£100 or less, a lot more people are taking an interest in the world of 3D printing.

And you don’t have to be a super computer technician to build and operate one. As long as your some what tech-savvy, you’d have your 3D build and printing in no time at all!

A friend of mine recently bought himself a 3D and I’ve been playing with it ever since he bought it. After a few attempts at getting a decent print out, we’ve since printed a load of cool , items and random things because… well just because we could!

And one thing I had him do was print me out some of the original Pokemon from the classic Red, Blue and Yellow games. As seen below on my Instagram page.

They printed out with blank faces etc but I just improvised and added eyes and other details. And they’ve turned out amazing well!

I have been so impressed with the that I am definitely thinking of buying one for myself! And I’d highly recommend you do as well!

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